Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Keynote: Conscious Schizophrenia: psycho-vocality 11/1/12

Julie will be giving a Keynote at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) UK conference on the work of Pan Theatre.    

Conscious Schizophrenia: psycho-vocality and voice beyond the larynx
The keynote will explore plurality in vocal performance, extended vocal techniques, live processing and interactive technologies.  Julie will draw on a range of sound and video examples from Roy Hart to Cathy Barbarian, Opera to Lana Del Rey and from Yakut open throat singing and the ‘yelli’ of the Aka (Cameroon) rainforest people to Xenakis.  Julie will also contextualise her own work with the Bodycoder System and discuss skills and techniques. 

"...schizoid polycentricity is a style of consciousness...that thrives in plural meanings, in cryptic double-talk, in escaping definitions, in not taking heroic committed stances, in ambisexuality, in psychically detached and seperate body parts."  James Hillman (Re-Visioning Psychology)

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