V'Oct(Ritual): Technical Rider

V'Oct(Ritual) (2011)
an interactive vocal work for vocalist, Bodycoder System, live Max/MSP and automated and performer controlled 8-channel spatialization.

Duration: 16 minutes

Technical Requirements:

We Bring:
  • Bodycoder System including a wireless system
  • 1 x MacBook Pro
  • Radio mic and receiver
  • 8-channel performer monitoring system
  • All software and custom hardware
We require the venue to provide: 
  • A full range high quality 8-channel (circular configuration) audience playback system.
  • A table/desk/surface adjacent to the mixing desk for our computer and electronics hardware. NB. mixing desk position should be centre or centre front or back of audience. 
  • 1 x mains supply at performers position
  • 1 x balanced microphone (XLR ) cable from mix position to performers position
  • 2 x lit music stands
  • Full black-out and small amount of theatrical lighting
  • Access to a secure dressing room. 
  • A variety of nice cakes :)
Get-in & Sound Check:
If the audience 8-channel speaker system is already set up and there is easy interface with the venues mixing desk and lighting is in place, we will require a minimum of 1 hours to rig our system and a clear and quiet period of approximately 
30 minutes for a Sound Check during which time no other sound or activity should take place within the performance environment.